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How To Use “FOMO” To Launch Your Products Into Orbit

The fear of missing out affects us far more than we dare to admit or acknowledge.

We will wait in line for days to be a part of a launch, we will replicate and share tips on Twitter that were originally shared at conferences we didn’t attend, or an article we didn’t read. We will pre-order a product before we even know how good it is — all because we’re scared of not being “in the know” or “ahead of the curve.”


10 Ways to Find Fresh, High-Quality Research In Your Niche (For Free)

Facts make your writing powerful.

So does originality; but online, only a privileged few articles have both.

I feel cheated when I read a fascinating article, only to find that few -- if any -- of their interesting ideas are supported with trustworthy evidence. But it's not much better to read a well-supported article that summarizes Zimbardo's Stanford prison experiment for the thousandth time this year.

Here's how to find the best high-quality research in your niche to empower your writing!

What To Do When Googlebot Can't Access CSS/JS Files On Your Site

If you received a notice this week from Google Webmaster Tools that Googlebot can’t access CSS/JS (javascript) files on your site, then rest assured you’re not alone. A lot of website owners reported receiving this notification, as noted on sites like and, among others.

Many panicked when receiving the message, perhaps assuming that this meant that their site had a serious issue to correct or was in trouble with Google. After receiving notifications from Google for my own sites as well as some of our clients, I decided to investigate the issue further. 

Exceptional content marketing is simpler than you think

My favorite law of marketing is the “Law of Shitty Clickthroughs.” Coined by Andrew Chen, this law states that every marketing channel is effective until, like overfishing a lake, competition relentlessly drives the channel towards zero. 

Content marketing is no exception. Content marketing is a wonderful example of every single person in the world marketing their product through the same channel.