Evergreen Content: How To Write Content That Will Always Be Relevant

Evergreen content is lasting content writing that remains true and relevant for decades to come. In a digital marketing world evolving so quickly, writing content that will provide real, tangible value to the generations of your children and grandchildren is a focal point of content marketing.

Producing ever-relevant, evergreen content is an end goal of content writing for good reason. But what are the means to achieving it?

10 Ways to Find Fresh, High-Quality Research In Your Niche (For Free)

Facts make your writing powerful.

So does originality; but online, only a privileged few articles have both.

I feel cheated when I read a fascinating article, only to find that few -- if any -- of their interesting ideas are supported with trustworthy evidence. But it's not much better to read a well-supported article that summarizes Zimbardo's Stanford prison experiment for the thousandth time this year.

Here's how to find the best high-quality research in your niche to empower your writing!

Exceptional content marketing is simpler than you think

My favorite law of marketing is the “Law of Shitty Clickthroughs.” Coined by Andrew Chen, this law states that every marketing channel is effective until, like overfishing a lake, competition relentlessly drives the channel towards zero. 

Content marketing is no exception. Content marketing is a wonderful example of every single person in the world marketing their product through the same channel.