10 Ways to Find Fresh, High-Quality Research In Your Niche (For Free)

Facts make your writing powerful.

So does originality; but online, only a privileged few articles have both.

I feel cheated when I read a fascinating article, only to find that few -- if any -- of their interesting ideas are supported with trustworthy evidence. But it's not much better to read a well-supported article that summarizes Zimbardo's Stanford prison experiment for the thousandth time this year.

Here's how to find the best high-quality research in your niche to empower your writing!

Mobile Matters More Than Ever, Google's New Algorithm Update Proves It

It's obviously been important from a user experience perspective that mobile responsive sites are important, but Google just released the proverbial hammer on non-mobile responsive sites to prove it.

Google said that on April 21, 2015 (today) their mobile ranking factors will label your site as mobile-friendly or not, then use that information to determine how your site should rank (higher or lower).