How To Grow An Internal Startup Marketing Team; An Interview with John Doherty from HotPads

This is an interview with John Doherty, the Senior Marketing Manager at HotPads (which is owned by Zillow).

In this interview we delve into:

  • What it was like getting to work at Distilled and some of the strategies they used there
  • What it was like transitioning from agency life to in-house marketing team life
  • What it was like growing from a single marketing person at HotPads to a team of ~9 marketers in under 2 years
  • What kind of values John looks for in his hires for his internal marketing team
  • How he finds the "bright spots" or biggest opportunities to grow in his marketing initiatives

5 Tools & Tactics To Master Social Media Marketing For Your Startup

I love tools, but more importantly, I love strategic processes.

I'm always asked about the tools that we use to market our clients, and even though I just wrote a pretty in-depth post about the tools we recommend to our clients, I thought I should give another, more specific post about the tools we recommend and the processes we use to make them more effective than they otherwise would be.

How to Master The New Era of Pull Marketing

Advertising is and always has carried a negative connotation with most. The fact is that regardless of what you are advertising or how you are doing it, people know what your end goal is. That being said there are cleaner ways of marketing your product, service, or brand that most fail to see.

Here we show you how to master that art.