The 20 tools our business wouldn’t run without

In the world of startups, the lifespan of your favorite apps could be o-so-brief. When Mailbox (an app that I considered essential to my workflow) announced they were shutting down recently, I freaked out. It also made me start to think what apps my business as a whole couldn’t live without, and it got me really freaked out.

This is a non-incentivized, complete endorsement of the tools that we use to build SimpleTiger (an SEO agency that helps startups grow) in hopes that you might also use them, grow their business, and make their products last for us. Most won’t really need help, but some might — and I want to give them that.

5 Tools & Tactics To Master Social Media Marketing For Your Startup

I love tools, but more importantly, I love strategic processes.

I'm always asked about the tools that we use to market our clients, and even though I just wrote a pretty in-depth post about the tools we recommend to our clients, I thought I should give another, more specific post about the tools we recommend and the processes we use to make them more effective than they otherwise would be.

5 Of The Best Content Marketing Tools We Recommend To Our Startup Clients

Tools are always a fun subject for me. I love getting the right tools in place that can amplify the results of everything else we do. These are the leverage points that we should always be trying to tap in to to replicate our results for all of our clients.

We have a shortlist of tools that we always recommend to our clients to drastically improve our progress, in the spirit of transparency we want to share those recommendations with you. Some are pretty straightforward, some are a bit more discreet.