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Mastering Pinterest Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

If you think Pinterest is solely for bakers and lifestyle bloggers, think again. While it might seem like a space to gather home decor ideas and vegan recipes, it can actually be a pretty powerful tool for business too. If you’re ready to tap into the well of possibility that Pinterest offers, buckle up because we’ve got you covered with this handy guide. 

Shopify SEO - 6 Steps to Optimize Your Store

For those unfamiliar with the online shopping monster, Shopify is a website design platform, online store host, and e-commerce giant available for any business owner to use. While e-commerce sites differ from other websites, they hold one SEO truth in common: it's all about conversions.

Here are six rock-solid steps to take you from initial store set-up to post-purchase follow through in order to optimize your Shopify store for what matters most: conversions.