What's in a Link? The Power of Link Juice

Backlinks from websites with a higher authority to the website being linked to transfer more link juice which, in the long run, helps the receiving page rank higher in search engines. There are a number of important factors that help calculate how much link juice is transferred from one page to another. Read on to find out what these are!

What To Do When Googlebot Can't Access CSS/JS Files On Your Site

If you received a notice this week from Google Webmaster Tools that Googlebot can’t access CSS/JS (javascript) files on your site, then rest assured you’re not alone. A lot of website owners reported receiving this notification, as noted on sites like and, among others.

Many panicked when receiving the message, perhaps assuming that this meant that their site had a serious issue to correct or was in trouble with Google. After receiving notifications from Google for my own sites as well as some of our clients, I decided to investigate the issue further. 

Mobile Matters More Than Ever, Google's New Algorithm Update Proves It

It's obviously been important from a user experience perspective that mobile responsive sites are important, but Google just released the proverbial hammer on non-mobile responsive sites to prove it.

Google said that on April 21, 2015 (today) their mobile ranking factors will label your site as mobile-friendly or not, then use that information to determine how your site should rank (higher or lower).