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Why Nofollow Links Matter in SEO

By using targeted link building, tactical white-hat SEO can help bolster you as an information resource for these search queries.             

However, when a link is marked as Nofollow, Google’s rankings discount it and it does not add power to your ‘link juice.’ In fact, nofollow links have a ton of relevance and authority, and can ultimately lead to greater sales for your company, which is typically the goal of SEO. With that in mind, here are three ways in which nofollow links can greatly benefit your website. 

Should You Product Hunt-ify Your Startup Marketing? A Case For Both Sides

We consult a lot of startups, primarily SaaS startups with SEO and content marketing, and in the past couple of years I’ve noticed a major trend that can both be beneficial for startups, and devastatingly distracting – and it’s all been spurred on by the momentum of Product Hunt.

Here's the case for both sides of the equation.


The 2 Secret Parts To Good SEO

In my 10 years of doing SEO as a full time job I've always looked for ways to describe and categorize everything in the search world as simply as possible.

I've discovered many different ways to break down SEO that are more easily digestible for clients, agencies, partners, family and friends who ask me "What is SEO?".

When I describe a successful SEO campaign I always end up lumping everything into 2 main categories that can be broken down further once they're both fully understood.

In this article I'm going to show you the main 2 categories to a good SEO campaign and dive into how they work, and why.

Here's the first category for performing well in search: