Big Questions

Why You Should Think Like a Recipient When Performing Outreach

You try to avoid the terrible emails you've seen of outreachers trying to play off being your friend that give you stuff you couldn't care less about. You then think to yourself, “How do I truly signal to my recipients that I am a real person with a real asset, but without spending 37 minutes on each email?” 

This is where a trip into the headspace of your recipient can help illuminate what the big picture is.

The Benefits (And Drawbacks) of Working Remotely Full-Time

According to a recent Gallup poll cited by the New York Times, “43 percent of employed Americans said they spent at least some time working remotely.” That, of course, does not mean that all people who do some remote work are working from home all the time. Or that remote work is even the right choice for all people or for all industries.

What Metric Is Most Important for SEO?

What metric is most important for SEO?

Well that depends on your business. It all starts by understanding what your goals are as a business, then marrying that to the corresponding metric for SEO.

In this post we will elaborate on the primary metrics that we typically report on in our SEO projects and give you some food for thought in your own efforts.