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3 Psychological Triggers That Create Influence

Do you ever wonder if there’s a trade secret for influence?

What makes people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Rand Fishkin, and Neil Patel skyrocket into stardom?

Surely, at the end of the day, their value comes from the stellar products and services they’ve pioneered – making a trustworthy name for themselves in their industries.

But what if there are commonalities in the execution of their ideas that make them as successful as they are?

Tech Public Relations - How To Promote Your Services on Large Publications

Taking the opportunity to promote your tech services on a large publication will bring positive brand recognition, brand reinforcement in the minds of a high number of consumers, and exposure to a market that you might not have been able to reach otherwise.

The secret sauce to getting on a large publication? A mixture of republishing content and utilizing industry influencers. Let's dive in.

The ‘Pair Up’ Link Building Strategy: How To Build Consistent Editorial Links to the Pages You Want

The ‘pair up’ link building strategy is a way to get the best value links to your product/service level pages in a way that draws attention to your brand as a source of information about what consumers want to read. You may not be trying to provide as much information as Wikipedia. But as Google works to serve its users with the best possible information on each search query, using the ‘pair up’ link building strategy is a guaranteed way to see consistent results for your product/service level pages.

Evergreen Content: How To Write Content That Will Always Be Relevant

Evergreen content is lasting content writing that remains true and relevant for decades to come. In a digital marketing world evolving so quickly, writing content that will provide real, tangible value to the generations of your children and grandchildren is a focal point of content marketing.

Producing ever-relevant, evergreen content is an end goal of content writing for good reason. But what are the means to achieving it?

What To Do When Googlebot Can't Access CSS/JS Files On Your Site

If you received a notice this week from Google Webmaster Tools that Googlebot can’t access CSS/JS (javascript) files on your site, then rest assured you’re not alone. A lot of website owners reported receiving this notification, as noted on sites like and, among others.

Many panicked when receiving the message, perhaps assuming that this meant that their site had a serious issue to correct or was in trouble with Google. After receiving notifications from Google for my own sites as well as some of our clients, I decided to investigate the issue further.