Since we’ve been working with SimpleTiger, we’ve seen about a 20% increase in overall traffic. I feel the quality of the content they’re providing is exceptional. Organic growth so often comes from regularly adding high quality, relevant content. SimpleTiger has helped us meet our content needs. We’re delighted to have them as part of our team and look forward to our continued momentum.
— Richard Hughes, Founder and CEO of


ContractWorks is a contract management software company that helps you store and search for your contracts on the fly in a secure ecosystem at any time. It also allows you to throw together reports very quickly, and get alerts on key contract milestones and expiration dates automatically so you never fall behind on work or payments again.



Though ContractWorks had superior technology, software, security, and compliance than most of their competitors, they still had a hard time showing up for keywords searches relevant to their services and the features of their services.



We were brought on to help them increase their search volume site-wide, as well as help them rank better for their highest converting keywords.

We proposed our comprehensive SEO campaign which includes:

  • A Technical Audit to find anything holding the site back from the structural foundation
  • Technical Optimization and Recurring Audits / Reporting to make sure no new problems popped up
  • Detailed Keyword Research to determine the best keywords to target to have the greatest effect on their bottom line
  • A comprehensive Content Audit to determine what kind of content is ranking best for their keywords, what that content is talking about, and to examine their site to see where they've had the greatest effect with their content in the past
  • Consistent blog posts written and published on their site by our expert writers detailing strengths of their products in their industry while also providing great value on their own to the readers that would come across them in organic search
  • An Off-site Audit which determined the publications and smaller blogs that were most notable in their industry and getting the most traffic for the terms that they were trying to rank for, in order to pitch topics and content to in order to get PR-based articles in place mentioning ContractWorks and the type of services they have to offer – which increased the overall domain authority of the site helping ContractWorks rank better for all of their collective keywords
  • On-going Reporting, and Project Management to make sure everything was on track and well documented to report to the board of ContractWorks to ensure our results and gauge our success to position ourselves better for future PR-based efforts



  • Over the course of 5 months ContractWorks' overall organic traffic has increased by 98%
  • Over the course of 5 months ContractWorks' new users from organic traffic has increased by 99% meaning these are people who had never been to ContractWorks before, all brand new traffic
  • Keyword Rankings have collectively increased by 635 spots for tracked keywords