The healthcare client's* old website had several technical issues and no content strategy for consistently building traffic. The site also had a poor interface and the design was likely turning visitors off instead of converting them.


We proposed our core Monthly SEO Campaign which included not only Technical Optimization but also a comprehensive Content Marketing strategy to consistently build new content and drive more organic search traffic to the site.


After 9 months the client's site noticed a major improvement in all areas of performance including the following:

  • 116% Improvement in Google from 70,300 searchers in 2013 to 152,200 searchers 9 months later in 2014.
  • 78% Increase in total Organic Search Traffic from 96,100 searchers in 2013 to 170,800 searchers 9 months later in 2014.
  • #1 in Google for 37 of the client's top 58 target keywords after site redesign with no loss in rankings or traffic during the site transition.

The client continues to work with us and reap the long-term benefits of a successful SEO campaign.



*Client's name protected under strict NDA. Actual figures shown but name, website and target keywords remain confidential.