We’re not blind.

We know that our industry carries the weight of many detractors that try to game a system, using nefarious methods and practices that ultimately do more long-term harm than good.

We know this gives real “white-hat” agencies like SimpleTiger an uphill battle to create trust as a potential partner for most business owners.

This is why we put our integrity above everything else and prove that through our honest sales process, transparent reporting, and weekly communications with clients to give them clear updates about how their projects are progressing.

Our focus on quality is why every employee, contractor, vendor, and software company that we use is of the utmost quality, extensively vetted, and deemed to be the best of the best by our team of experts.

After seeing everything there is to see in this industry we know what to stay away from, what hurts clients, and what practices truly affect a business’s bottom line in a positive way.

We strive to do the best work possible for our clients, to communicate that in a way that our clients can understand and appreciate, and to not hold back in our pursuit of perfection in our processes and services.

Our business has grown primarily from referrals from previous clients, influencers in our industry, and other agencies that recommend our services to their clients – referrals we would never have without proven results, good communication, and honest practices.

We know that trust is not given, it’s earned. If you give us the opportunity to earn your trust, we will not take that opportunity lightly.

Thank you.
— Sean & Jeremiah Smith, Founders of SimpleTiger