Opportunity Assessment

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Opportunity Assessment


Our risk-free and completely refundable Opportunity Assessment is the first step in a process to simply effective marketing results. With this assessment we'll uncover all of the following opportunities:

  • Keyword targeting - We'll uncover how well your site is currently targeting good keywords.
  • Technical issues - We'll find out how many technical issues your website contains.
  • Content strategy problems - We'll discover how well optimized your site's content is for your overall SEO strategy.
  • Link profile issues - How many quality links are pointing in to your website from relevant domains? Is it enough?
  • Competitive Landscape - What is your competition doing that you could learn from?
  • Traffic limitations - We'll see how much your current keyword targeting strategy is inhibiting your traffic growth.
  • Conversion problems - We'll estimate how many more conversions you can expect with a targeted SEO effort.
  • Revenue potential - We'll uncover your company's revenue potential and how we can capture that revenue with a targeted project.
  • Next Steps - We'll map out a clear path forward into a project that will completely map out everything you should do in specific and customized detail to achieve the results you want.

You'll be prompted to fill out a questionnaire when you order the assessment. Take your time to answer the questionnaire carefully and accurately, and give us any details you think might be important for us to know moving forward. This info will ensure our assessment is as good as it possibly can be so you can get the best value from it.

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