Short Bio

I'm the Marketing Director, COO, and part-owner of SimpleTiger LLC. 

I started working in the inbound marketing industry when I was 15 years old, doing freelance work for some of my brother (and co-owner of SimpleTiger)'s clients while still in high school. I learned the effect of SEO early on when I personally increased a business's revenue by millions using my own internet marketing tactics before I even had my first car. Since then I've been head-down in the industry pushing my own knowledge forward and growing my client's businesses by way of technical, content, and off-site strategy.

Since then Jeremiah and I have built SimpleTiger from a simple personal consultancy to a holistic inbound marketing agency with employees located all around the country.

Specialties & Interests

Digital marketing as a whole interests me, but what really drives me - what really catches my attention is the strategy and psychology behind marketing and the different tactics that we develop and use on a daily basis to drive new links, social interaction and content promotion for our clients. 

I love finding a strategy that works. I love using psychological triggers to get my clients results - finding those little "hacks" that can have a massive impact on my client's as a whole.

As someone who writes a lot and is always observing as much as possible about what makes us tick as humans I really love diving into the grit of content strategy and development, and off-site link development, influencer marketing, and guerrilla social tactics that have a massive direct-response effect on potential consumers.

Longer Bio

I started SEO when I was in high school, at 15 years old my brother started teaching me about the world of internet marketing because he saw it as something I would naturally be good at - and since at the time he was working at the biggest agency in the world at what we do (360i) he knew he would have the capability of plugging me in to his network when I was out of school to immediately dive head first into the industry.

At 16 I became obsessed with SEO after doing some technical optimization and content development on a massive client's website that Jeremiah let me work on that actually netted the company millions that I could directly tie back to the efforts I took to optimize the site. I started doing a ton of freelance work for Jeremiah's clients that he was building on the side while working at 360i, and eventually when he went full-time freelance and moved to Sarasota, FL I moved with him and started working with his clients as my primary source of income coming out of high school. 

I skipped college altogether because at 18 I was hired on to a small but highly effective internet marketing agency (that doubled as a design agency) called GravityFree in Sarasota, FL as one of the first marketing employees the agency had. I immediately took over SEO for clients like Best Western and NBOA but I specifically focused on helping GravityFree optimize the floral ecommerce CMS that they were building - effecting hundreds of florist's at a ground level - as well as taking on some as direct clients managing their SEO and content production. I learned a ton here about how to grow a marketing agency from the ground up, as I helped the team develop sales methods that would later turn into a ton of new marketing clients, I helped develop processes that we could take any new client through and make them successful, and I learned a lot about leadership from the fantastic bosses I had in Scott Heaps and John Barron.

While I was working at GravityFree I started blogging and networking myself more online in the SEO community and soon was contributing articles on publications like The Huffington Post, CrazyEgg, Adobe's 99U, Copyblogger, Moz, and Medium. I started getting a lot of freelance projects on the side while working at GravityFree as these clients specifically wanted my help, guidance and consulting with their marketing efforts. Even though I loved working at GravityFree a point in time came where I made the decision to go fully freelance and left GravityFree.

A short time later Jeremiah and I decided to join our clients together, start the agency we had talked about for years - and begin to grow a team that could deliver the high quality results we wanted for our clients - our way. 

A couple years later we get to what SimpleTiger is today, a holistic inbound marketing agency that specializes in driving incredible SEO results for companies ranging from small startups all the way to Fortune 500 companies. 

We work with startups, software companies, ecommerce companies, massive brands, publications and news sources, other agencies, healthcare and biotech companies - really anyone who could use more business online through organic traffic. 

Personal Interests:

I'm passionate about quality products, simple and beautiful design, health, marketing, gaming, writing, and having a positive impact on people's lives. 

I live to compete, to improve, and to learn. I like building things along the way - such as marketing agencies, design agencies, improving other's businesses, and other pashion projects.


I write often and have had articles featured on MediumTheNextWebThe Huffington PostAdobe's 99UMozCopybloggerCrazyEggCrewSimpleTiger and other publications around the web about marketing, productivity, and growth.

Most of my favorite writing comes out on my Medium publication, "Coffee Time" which has over 9,000 followers reading about productivity and growth.

My favorite article I've ever written was about my experience skydiving, titled "You Don't Risk Enough To Be Happy", which (beyond the jump itself) truly changed my life by making Medium's top 100 articles and exploding my social media following.

I've helped many clients including: 

Shopify, Segment,, Crew, Haste, Bidsketch, Digg, Best Western, Holiday Inn, Carefree, as well as agencies like MaxMedia, Pulp & Wire, Think Interactive, GravityFree, and 360i to drive real, effective, and scalable growth.

Equipment & Environment

I have a home-based studio office that allows me to record high-quality audio for podcasts.

Headshots, Assets & Social Profiles: