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This page lists the resources mentioned and used during the SEO portion of the Digital Marketing course (MAR 4933) offered by Dr. James Curran at the University of South Florida and taught by Jeremiah Smith. New resources and items mentioned during class will be added to this page as the class progresses.

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Jeremiah has created a PDF version of the presentation given in class on February 27th which you can download below.


Things that happen on the website we're wanting to perform in Google.

Keyword Research

The cornerstone of SEO is keywords and researching them requires insight which can be gathered from multiple tools and methods of research. Here are some of the tools we use every day:

  • Moz Keyword Explorer - ( - Most useful tool for researching keyword data for search volume, difficulty to rank, opportunity, etc.
  • Google AdWords Keyword Planner - ( - Useful for keyword volumes and paid search competition only with paid ad accounts.
  • Keyword Tool - ( - Useful for generating keyword suggestions.
  • AHREFs Keyword Explorer - ( - Discovers keyword intersections.
  • Google Search Console - ( - Useful for discovering what keywords the site already ranks for.


  • Raven Tools - ( - Suite of SEO tools but we use it mainly for Technical Audits and monitoring.
  • Screaming Frog - ( - Manual website crawler for the desktop (both Mac and PC) that allows you to configure your crawl of a site. 500 URL limit on free version.
  • AHREFs Site Explorer - ( - Helps discover technical issues automatically, but not as effective as ScreamingFrog.
  • Moz SEO Website Audit & Crawl Test - ( - Useful for crawling larger sites for technical issues.


  • GatherContent - ( - We use this tool for creating and managing client content.
  • AHREFs Content Explorer - ( - This helps us build data for our Content Audits.
  • Moz - ( - Moz's site auditor tool discovers some content issues and they offer some content ideas as well.
  • BuzzSumo - ( - Helps us discover top content from a link and social perspective for any keyword niche you'd like to target.
  • Screaming Frog - ( - We sometimes use Screaming Frog to determine how content is structured on the site and could be reorganized for better performance in search.
  • Grammarly - ( - This helps us quickly edit content as it's produced to ensure grammar and spelling are on point.


  • Google PageSpeed Insights - ( - Determines any loading issues on both mobile and desktop that could be slowing down your site.
  • - ( - Study the various recommendations from this site to ensure you're using user-interface best practices.


Things that happen off of the website we're wanting to perform in Google.


  • AHREFs Link Intersect - ( - This tool allows you to determine what sites link to some of your competitors but not to your site.
  • BuzzStream - ( - Like a CRM for link prospects, this tool allows us to store, contact, follow-up with and monitor link prospects throughout the relationship cycle.
  • CognitiveSEO Backlink Checker - ( - Scans backlinks pointing to your website or competitor sites.
  • Magestic SEO - ( - Specialized link index and auditing tool. This tool allows us to see the entire link landscape for specific websites using their own index.


  • BuzzSumo - ( - Scans pieces of content for shares and metrics on various social networks.
  • SharedCount - ( - Provides a more social focused count of metrics for individual URLs across the web.

Local Citations

  • Moz Local - ( - Broadcasts location information for specific businesses to third party information providers to tools like Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yelp, CitySearch and more.
  • Yext - ( - Much like Moz Local this tool allows you to manage your local listings on a variety of sites as well as paid promotional placements on the various sites that allow them.

Brand Mentions

  • Mention - ( - You can monitor your brand name and other brand names and use it to perform real-time social response and PR management.

Competitive Analysis

  • SEMRush - ( - While other tools can and are often are used for competitive analysis as well, SEMRush specializes in this area allowing you to discover what keyword competitors are targeting organically and in PPC campaigns.

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