Short Bio

I'm the President, CEO and part-owner of SimpleTiger LLC. Don't let the title fool you though. I'm actually just a big, loud goofball.

I started SimpleTiger in 2007 right after discovering and teaching myself SEO. What became a long process of working full-time for other agencies and consulting for SimpleTiger on nights and weekends eventually turned into a small consultancy. My brother Sean started working with me and quickly learned the ropes of SEO and digital marketing in general, as well as his own specialties within the space.

We decided to truly turn SimpleTiger into an agency and began hiring team members to help us grow. 

Specialties & Interests

Digital marketing is a big interest of mine but SEO has been my main focus for over 11 years now. I love talking about and teaching all aspects of SEO.

My passions don't end there though. Ask any of my close friends and they'll tell you I love way too many things. Relevant to the web and business in general; I like talking about entrepreneurship, branding, business philosophy, people and how they work, new ideas that challenge the status quo like remote work life, no fixed schedules, unique management structures (we call ours MAP) and motivational mentors I look up to.

Longer Bio

I dropped out of college after a semester because what I wanted to learn (digital marketing) wasn't being taught in schools around me. Also, I never really did well in school. I had questions to ask that no one was interested in answering. So I ventured out to answer them on my own. After getting my start in digital marketing and SEO by practicing on a client's website (I used to build websites first) I decided to get a job at an agency.

I was very blessed that my first agency job was a company in Atlanta, GA called 360i. They're friggin' huge. I learned a lot about how the biggest companies in the world promote their brands through digital marketing and specifically tackled very large SEO projects with brands like NBC, MTV, E*TRADE, LG Electronics, Sports Illustrated, National Geographic and many more. I later joined a smaller agency called Digital Scientists who focused on helping startups and small businesses build web and mobile applications and get them to market. I handled their SEO and Analytics while still working with some of my consulting clients on nights and weekends.

I eventually decided it was time to venture off on my own and decided to make consulting my full-time job. I moved from Atlanta, GA to Sarasota, FL, joined forces with my brother and began building SimpleTiger as the agency it is today.

I’ve delivered several speaking engagements on the topics of SEO and digital marketing for a variety of companies including NCR and Comcast before eventually being asked to teach Digital Marketing to senior-level students pursuing marketing degrees at The University of South Florida.

I’ve Been Featured In

  • Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) - I was on the panel of a board of speakers for a conference with 80 businesses focused on improving their marketing through web and SEO specifically.
  • University of South Florida - Honorary Guest Lecturer for senior-level marketing courses
  • CredoCast - As one of the top recommend Agencies on the Credo platform, I was a guest on John Doherty’s podcast
  • - I discussed top SEO best practices for fusing PR and link building with Kalen Jordan
  • We’ve also been featured on several publications such as, and more.

Equipment & Environment

I have a full home-based studio office that allows me to record high-quality video and audio for web production and podcasts.

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