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Comprehensively cover every aspect of your organic search growth with our SEO services. Industry-leading market analysis, keyword research, technical optimization, content creation, and link building — all put together in a custom package for you, specific to your needs.

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SEO services built to scale organic search traffic and grow your MRR.

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Keyword Research

We employ cutting-edge techniques, AI, and NLP technology to conduct thorough keyword research for your business. We analyze your industry, dissect competitor strategies, identify keyword gaps, and help you understand your total addressable market in search. Our strategy-led consulting empowers you to capitalize on these opportunities and grow your organic search presence.

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Content Marketing

Our team designs a comprehensive content marketing strategy tailored to your business, pinpointing areas for improvement and offering detailed recommendations to optimize content performance. We create and promote high-quality content that not only ranks well but also drives traffic and converts customers.

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Technical Optimization

Our technical optimization services identify and resolve any issues standing between your site’s ranking potential. Our in-depth technical audits, monthly performance analysis updates, and consultative guidance cover aspects such as site speed, core web vitals, site architecture, internal links, and international site optimization. We provide detailed direction and, if needed, direct implementation to ensure your business thrives in organic search.

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Link Building

Our team crafts the ideal link-building strategy for your SaaS business, securing high-quality, authoritative backlinks from relevant sites and articles. These links enhance the authority of your content, resulting in higher rankings, increased site traffic, and improve conversion rates.

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Market Analysis

Leveraging our proprietary processes and technology, we conduct extensive market analysis to identify the most relevant keyword opportunities for your business. We evaluate your competitive landscape, pinpoint areas where you can excel, and devise a strategy for you to dominate your search market.

Our industry-leading SEO process

Covering each component of organic optimization, our industry-leading SEO process addresses keyword, content, technical, and off-site performance in a simple and intuitive flow.


Kick-Off & On-Boarding

When our projects kick-off we hit the ground running, gathering all of the data we can from you about your business. From tools like Google Analytics and Search Console to manual calls with your team, we get familiarized with your business in an innate way.


Planning & Strategy

After analyzing your site, competition, and general organic landscape of your business vertical we apply our knowledge and expertise from a keyword, technical, content, and link-building perspective to build out the best SEO strategy for you moving forward.


Recommendations & Implementation

We deliver that strategy to you and your team on multiple deep-dive calls that go in-depth into each area of your SEO performance, educating you on our recommendations and why they are important. Then we find the best course to implement.


Production & Promotion

When you have a solid content marketing strategy there’s only one thing left to do - produce that content and get it promoted around the web. We either produce the content for you or guide your team through the production process & promote it for you.


Reporting & Analysis

One of the most important things you can do with any SEO project is to keep a close eye on the performance and use data to adapt - we provide deep monthly reports with the metrics that matter most to your organic growth and analyze them for future opportunities.


Ongoing Strategy & Iteration

As the project progresses we take a step back and see what is working and what isn’t - or where there seems to be more opportunity for growth - then iterate on our strategy and double down on what we see the most impact from, constantly improving along the way.

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SEO Services Comparison

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Other Agencies
Custom-built projects
SaaS-specific playbooks
Proprietary data intelligence
AI & NLP-enhanced workflows
Highly relevant link-building relationships
Content creation & link building in-house
Fast-paced project mindset
Long-term partnership vision
Boutique dedicated team
Experience creating industry-leading SaaS
Transparent Management & Reporting
24/7 Slack Access & Project Portal

SEO Service Reviews

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The rich text element allows you to create and format headings, paragraphs, blockquotes.


The rich text element allows you to create and format headings, paragraphs, blockquotes.


The rich text element allows you to create and format headings, paragraphs, blockquotes.

“SimpleTiger fits their services around your specific SEO needs. After working with them, I am confident in my own SEO knowledge and can help my team out for quick decisions and questions.”

Andy Jiang
Success Engineer
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Organic traffic increase to link building target pages in the first 2 months.


Total ranking position increase in the first 2 months.


Increase in site-wide organic traffic in the first 2 months.

“SimpleTiger fits their services around your specific SEO needs. After working with them, I am confident in my own SEO knowledge and can help my team out for quick decisions and questions.”

Andy Jiang
Andy Jiang
Success Engineer
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Improvement in organic traffic in 6 months, from 171,000 visitors to 256,000 visitors.


Increase in total conversions from organic traffic to the email list in 6 months.


Content resources researched, planned, produced, edited, and published in 6 months.

"Sean quickly analyzed our site, market, and competition, then came back with a great list of ways to significantly increase our traffic. He’s easily one of the fastest and smartest marketers I’ve worked with."

Ruben Gamez
Ruben Gamez
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Increase in organic traffic over the first 5 months, an increase of 20,000 new users.


Increase in organic traffic over the first 12 months, an increase of over 70,000 new users.


Cumulative increase in rankings to 70 tracked keywords over 12 months, average position improvement of 27 per keyword.

"Our experience working with the SimpleTiger team has been excellent. I’m happy with the transparent communication and how their team is proactive in pursuing links and aggressively boosting the rankings of our keywords that are most likely to convert. The monthly reporting is thorough and appreciated, I always feel like I know what is being done and why. All-in-all, I completely trust the SimpleTiger team to work for us and produce results."

Laura Fagundes
Laura Fagundes
Director of Marketing
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Ranking for primary target keyword in 2 months.


Increase in organic traffic to the primary page target in 2 months.


Increase in unique visitors site-wide in 3 months compared to the previous period.

We hired SimpleTiger to help us gain traction for specific keywords from a competitor of ours that shut down, Adobe FormsCentral. Almost all our rankings for Adobe FormsCentral keywords increased across the board. It also helped our overall search rankings. SimpleTiger also has excellent connections within the press and was able to land us features on, The Huffington Post,, Digital Journal, and Forbes.

Steve Gibson
Steve Gibson
Marketing Director
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"Sean is a stellar marketer. He is a fixture in content, SEO, and inbound marketing circles for his leadership and quality of work. Several times I’ve been asked for marketing consulting recommendations, and Sean is always first to mind and first on my list. I have a ton of confidence in his work and professionalism, and I recommend him and his team at SimpleTiger very highly."

Andrew Dumont
Andrew Dumont
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“It’s kind of scary – I’m paying less than what I’d pay for a full-time content marketing guy, and getting an entire team’s worth of work.”

Paul Jamil
Paul Jamil
Founder & CEO
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"I've worked with SimpleTiger to create, optimize, and promote content at scale for multiple exceptional brands throughout the years. Their attention to detail, competitive insights, and deep understanding of searcher intent lead to great performance from each asset they deliver. They're my first partner of choice for an SEO or content marketing agency and I trust their work will drive results."

Erin Christopher
Erin Christopher
Sr. Director of Marketing
Base Operations
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SEO Service Packages

We customize each of our SEO service packages to your needs based on the health and authority of your website.

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Focused on strategy, consulting & data intelligence. Perfect for a team with in-house production capabilities that just needs objective direction and guidance.

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Comprehensive project with everything needed to rank, including strategy, consulting, data intelligence, content production and link building. Perfect for a fully-outsourced solution.

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Everything from the growth project but with an aggressive rate of strategy, consulting, content production, and link building all focused on dominating your market. Perfect for highly funded businesses looking to leapfrog the current market leaders.

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