Technical SEO Services for SaaS

Are technical issues standing in the way of your search performance? Let us check.

We help remove bottlenecks to your organic search performance by ensuring your site is technically optimized for search with our Technical SEO services, specifically tailored for SaaS businesses.

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Our Technical SEO Services

SaaS companies have highly qualified developers, but they should be focused on developing their product, not learning to optimize their marketing site.
Our Technical SEO services fill the gap and provide the guidance your developers need to improve your site’s performance and remove the barriers to rank.
We can also implement our recommendations when needed.

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Technical SEO Audits

Our SEO specialists will perform a thorough analysis to identify any technical SEO issues that are affecting your search visibility or website performance. We'll then turn these problems into recommended solutions and walk your team through how to solve them from a technical SEO perspective.

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Site Architecture Analysis

Website architecture plays a critical role in ensuring that your website is easy to navigate for both users and search engines. Our team will analyze your website's architecture and provide recommendations on how to optimize it for better search engine visibility.

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On-Page Optimization

Optimizing your commercial pages, such as product pages or service pages, is critical for better search engine rankings and driving highly qualified leads to your website. Our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your commercial pages and optimize them for better search engine visibility and increased conversions.

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Mobile Optimization

Over half of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices, making your site's ability to load seamlessly on all devices a vital component of search engine optimization. Our technical SEO specialists will ensure your web content looks and performs great on screens of all sizes.

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Page Speed Optimization

Site speed is a critical ranking factor, and one of Google's core web vitals — a set of metrics that help developers measure the quality of user experience. We'll give you valuable insights into how to improve your core web vitals scores and, in turn, boost your rankings and user experience.

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Technical SEO Monitoring & Reporting

Measuring the success of your technical SEO efforts is critical for improving your website's performance. Our team will provide regular Technical SEO Monitoring reports that outline the progress of our efforts, identify areas for improvement, and provide recommendations for further optimization.

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Structured Data Markup

Using code called structured data markup helps search engines better understand your website and the contents of your pages. Not only can this lead to higher rankings, but enhances rich features in search results for better click-through rates and increased traffic from SERPs.

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Website Migration

If you are planning a new website, a migration to a new domain, or a platform migration, our team can help you develop a comprehensive migration plan to ensure any previously-built SEO equity not only stays intact but, through the transition itself, you experience a boost in SEO performance.

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Penalty Recovery

If your website has been hit with a penalty, our Penalty Recovery service can help you recover lost traffic and rankings. We will identify the root cause of the penalty and implement a plan to regain lost rankings to increase search visibility and performance. If you’re unsure if you’ve been hit by a penalty we can also investigate to see if there are any tell-tale signs of a penalty and account for it.

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Metadata Analysis

Measuring the success of your technical SEO efforts is critical for improving your website's performance. Our team will provide regular Technical SEO Monitoring reports that outline the progress of our efforts, identify areas for improvement, and provide recommendations for further optimization.

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Multi-Language & International Optimization

Optimizing a website to be accessible to users who speak different languages is essential to creating geographic relevancy. This is most important for businesses trying to rank in multiple countries or regions. This involves implementing a technical SEO structure that allows search engines to understand the language of the content and display the appropriate version to users based on their location and language settings. The most common technical solutions for multi-language support include implementing hreflang tags that inform search engines of the language and region of the content on each page and using subfolders to separate language versions of a website.

Our Technical SEO Process

We discover the highest-impact technical changes you can implement to deliver the quickest results.

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Project Kick-Off

We start by gathering all of the access credentials and connecting with your various accounts, such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics.


Technical SEO Crawl

We begin the first of several deep dives into your site’s code and structure, analyzing everything from URL structure and on-page HTML issues to server response codes and page load times. Our 200+ point inspection will route out any issues that could be holding back your site’s ranking performance.


Technical SEO Audit

Once we’ve completed our initial crawl, we analyze the findings and categorize the types of issues into relevant fixes. We then prioritize those recommendations to make your team’s efforts in implementing them impactful and efficient.


Technical SEO Consulting

Your team will receive a comprehensive technical audit where we break down each issue we’ve discovered over a Technical Audit Delivery Call. This call serves as a workshop where we get to discuss in detail what’s going on and why fixes are necessary. We create a plan of attack and work with you to ensure all of your technical issues are resolved.


Implementation Consulting

While your team is working on implementation, our Technical SEO specialists will be right by their side to guide them through the process of fixing issues to gain SEO performance and remove technical blockers. We manage tasks through our project management system and provide consulting through Slack, Loom videos, and consulting calls.


Technical Monitoring & Reporting

As your team implements fixes, we monitor the changes on a frequent basis and report back any updates we discover. Through the power of AI, we’re able to provide high-impact recommendations fast and efficiently. We also follow up on every recommendation implemented with manual checks and crawls.

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Agency Comparison

See how we stack up against other technical SEO agencies.

Other Agencies
SEO specialized
100% SaaS-focused
SaaS-specific playbooks
AI-powered & manual checks
International SEO optimization
In-depth solutions & recommendations
Technical implementation available
Fast-paced project mindset
Long-term partnership vision
Boutique dedicated team
Experience creating industry-leading SaaS
Transparent Management & Reporting
24/7 Slack Access & Project Portal

Technical SEO
Service Reviews

For over a decade, our team has consulted clients from small SaaS startups to publicly traded enterprises. Don't just take our word for it; check out our clients' results.

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Andy Jiang
Success Engineer

“SimpleTiger fits their services around your specific SEO needs. After working with them, I am confident in my own SEO knowledge and can help my team out for quick decisions and questions.”

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Organic traffic increase to link building target pages in the first 2 months.


Total ranking position increase in the first 2 months.

Laura Fagundes
Director of Marketing

"Our experience working with the SimpleTiger team has been excellent. I’m happy with the transparent communication and how their team is proactive in pursuing links and aggressively boosting the rankings of our keywords that are most likely to convert. The monthly reporting is thorough and appreciated, I always feel like I know what is being done and why. All-in-all, I completely trust the SimpleTiger team to work for us and produce results."

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Increase in organic traffic over the first 5 months, an increase of 20,000 new users.


Increase in organic traffic over the first 12 months, an increase of over 70,000 new users.

Paul Jamil
Founder & CEO

“It’s kind of scary – I’m paying less than what I’d pay for a full-time content marketing guy, and getting an entire team’s worth of work.”

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Steve Bissonnette
Chief Marketing Officer
Strategic Systems

We're noticing a significant difference and observing traffic improvements. I'm receiving positive feedback from all levels of the organization, and our team is busier than ever.

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Ruben Gamez

"Sean quickly analyzed our site, market, and competition, then came back with a great list of ways to significantly increase our traffic. He’s easily one of the fastest and smartest marketers I’ve worked with."

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Improvement in organic traffic in 6 months, from 171,000 visitors to 256,000 visitors.


Increase in total conversions from organic traffic to the email list in 6 months.

Minna Philipson
Chief Branding Officer

They are so good at our business. I never cease to be amazed at how they have all of the numbers and all of the analysis top of mind. Whenever you call, whenever you have a question, they're just so immersed in our business and SEO for our business that they are an extension of our team.

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New keywords ranking in the first 12 months


Increase in keywords ranking on the first page in 12 months

Andrew Dumont

"Sean is a stellar marketer. He is a fixture in content, SEO, and inbound marketing circles for his leadership and quality of work. Several times I’ve been asked for marketing consulting recommendations, and Sean is always first to mind and first on my list. I have a ton of confidence in his work and professionalism, and I recommend him and his team at SimpleTiger very highly."

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Technical SEO Packages

Our project packages are designed to grow with you throughout every stage of your SEO journey. Each plan is based on your company size and SEO needs — and adapts as you grow.

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Focused on strategy, consulting & data intelligence. Perfect for a team with in-house production capabilities that just needs objective direction and guidance.

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Comprehensive project with everything needed to rank, including strategy, consulting, data intelligence, content production and link building. Perfect for a fully-outsourced solution.

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Everything from the growth project but with an aggressive rate of strategy, consulting, content production, and link building all focused on dominating your market. Perfect for highly funded businesses looking to leapfrog the current market leaders.


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