Chapter 6

Plan Marketing Expenses Using SEO ROI

When you have a sense of how much of a return you can expect on your SEO investment, you can plan your budget accordingly to maintain profitability.
Plan Marketing Expenses Using SEO ROI

Whether you use your own SEO calculations or our provided calculator, taking the time to estimate your SEO costs places you on a solid financial footing for planning your SEO marketing spend.

The process of planning your SEO marketing investment can be broken down into 4 steps:

  1. Start by identifying what content needs to be produced and how much content needs to be created to rank for a given keyword (or general topic)
  2. Plan the amount of promotion and link building needed to rank on your target keyword once your content goes live
  3. Itemize up all the assets and costs needed to gain the desired ranking
  4. Account for the time necessary to produce and deploy the required assets so you can create an estimated timeline on when you’ll be able to see the return on your SEO investment

This last step helps you keep your SEO budget sustainable. When you have a sense on when to expect a return on your investment, you’re less prone to spending more than you can afford upfront.

Understanding the Long-term Compounding Investment of SEO

When planning your SEO investment, it’s important to have a long-term perspective on the compounding value of SEO. As with an investment in savings accounts or stocks, the value of SEO compounds over time.

For example, if you produce and promote a piece of pillar content, the number of visitors who click on your link will increase over time. Gradually, this will push up your search engine ranking for that page. This in turn will promote clicks to other pages on your site linked to the page getting results. The success of one page sets off a chain reaction that helps other content.

As momentum gathers for more pages on your site, the cumulative effect helps increase the Domain Authority (or Domain Rating) of your site as a whole. This increases the value of new content on your site by lending your growing authority to any additional content you create.

In these ways and others, SEO is an investment that increases in value over time. Keep this in mind when calculating your SEO ROI and deciding how to allocate your budget.

Plan Your SEO Investment for Long-term Returns

Calculating your SEO ROI is a matter of estimating the total returns on your SEO campaigns and comparing them with your total costs. Returns and costs may be measured directly in terms of revenue. Revenue returns also may be measured indirectly in terms of SEO metrics such as traffic, backlinks and page rankings. When defining returns and costs, you may develop your own itemized lists of KPIs and costs which figure into your calculations, or you can use calculators like ours which allow you to use predetermined variables.

Taking the time to invest in this process will yield long-term results as the compound value of your SEO investment accumulates. By planning your SEO ROI, you gain valuable business insight into what type of measurable returns you can expect from your marketing investment, helping you focus on profitable SEO campaigns, avoid unprofitable ones and keep your budgeting sustainable. Plan your SEO ROI to maximize your long-term returns on your marketing investment.

It’s also important to emphasize that these are investments, and while you plan your initial costs around new content and link building efforts - those assets may bear fruit for years and years to come. This is the truly difficult part of calculating SEO ROI because there’s also a long-term element that you have to account for, which is where calculators generally fail. You may build content that ranks for a term for 5 years, commonly referred to as “evergreen content” giving you consistent monthly search volume without additional investment needed. Some content may only rank for a few months due to competitors copying your strategies, in which case you may need to build more links over time to keep your rankings intact. These are the ultimate difficulties in tracking long-term ROI of SEO, but using calculators like ours can help give you a projection over a period of time of what to expect from your SEO efforts.

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