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"We talked to multiple agencies through the process of finding a new provider, some were bigger than you, some were older and more established than you, but none of them understood our mission, and knew the heart of our industry better than you – that's why we're going with you."

That was a quote from a new client that literally gave me goosebumps just the other day.

It's true, we're a boutique agency, we are currently a core team of 8 employees with contractors that we use to help with content sourcing, promotion, and things of that nature. That being said we only pick the best of the best.

It's true, we aren't a very old agency. Each person in the agency brings years of experience though, and together we have over 15 years of SEO experience under our belts, and beyond that, experience with some of the largest Fortune 500 clients, and some of the best SaaS companies you've heard of.

All that being said, we are still a small boutique, so why would you choose us as YOUR SaaS SEO agency?

To answer that question, I think I need to tell you a bit about our vision, our purpose, and what we want to do for every client that we bring on.

Our vision for our company is simple, we want to change the way people work and live from the inside out. We want to enrich the lives of our employees, help them free themselves and become the masters of their own work. We want to empower our employees to be autonomous, to be entrepreneurial, even while working for us (if we're putting it bluntly). This is why we have incentives for every employee to get bonuses based on performance, you can make as much as you want to make if you choose to push yourself as an entrepreneur would.

We want to keep a smaller, boutique team that tackles big issues, for big clients. There's something romantic about that to Jeremiah and I. We love the thought of a small crowd making a giant impact. We like the idea of the 14 people that took Instagram from just another app to a $1 billion dollar behemoth in the social media space, over the thousands of people that maintain Amazon's crazy antics (not taking anything away from Amazon, we're Prime users, it's just not our style of business). We like the 37signals (now Basecamp) methodology, of small team with massive results, the leverage there is sexy to us. We love pushing the boundaries of what one person can do.

"But how do you facilitate this kind of output in a service-based environment with such a small team? Services are different than software, a small team can develop that and you're golden, you have to have upkeep for clients and dive deep in these projects!"

This brings us back to the output of each person, we believe in the power of ideas shaping the output of an entire organization. The majority of our work boils down to simply knowing what needs to happen from an SEO standpoint, both technical and with content strategy, but the magic comes about with the creative ideas we can give to implement a strategy that compounds over time. We partner with every client we bring on board, the more assets they have to leverage, the better our output will be. If you have writers on-board that we can tap to drive content on your site, if you have developers we can use to quickly instigate change at a technical level, if you have contacts that we can exploit for exposure, we can connect all of the dots and drive home unreal results for you very quickly.

The fact that we are only 8 people currently at our core is a driving source of pride for Jeremiah and I, because we've already moved heaven and earth on some projects to provide an insane amount of results by leveraging the assets that clients didn't even realize they had.

We dive deep on every single project to understand the heartbeat of your industry, from the moment we have our first call we want to understand the darkest corners of your industry, we want to unearth every opportunity that is available to us, because if we have the resources to connect those opportunities, we can make anyone the leader in their industry.

We've taken clients so far as having their main competitor vouch for them as the #1 recommended tool in the industry.

We believe connections and collaboration are the most important part of the marketing challenge, if you can connect to people, and you can connect the dots that aren't being connected in your industry, you can make a massive shift in your business.

“We hired SimpleTiger to help us gain traction for  specific keywords from a competitor of ours that shut down, Adobe  FormsCentral. Almost all our rankings for Adobe FormsCentral keywords  increased across the board. It also helped our overall search rankings.  SimpleTiger also has excellent connections within the press and were  able to land us features on Inc.com, The Huffington Post, Business.com,  Digital Journal, and Forbes.  

— Steve Gibson, Marketing Director at JotForm.com

That's what we facilitate, that's why you'd choose us.

Even though we're small, even though we haven't been around as long as the competition; we're hungry, we're cunning, and we're going to fight for you when others would just look to collect the check.

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