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#CRODay by Unbounce – Content Spotlight #007

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#CRODay by Unbounce – Content Spotlight #007Content Marketing
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Full disclosure, we're part of the Unbounce CRODay, but that doesn't really influence why we're doing this content spotlight. Sign up for our panel on Copywriting's effect of CRO with Paul Jarvis, Joel Klettke, and Sean Smith too!

That being said, there are a lot of very obvious reasons why this content play on Unbounce's part is a fantastic move:

  1. It's organized around Unbounce's main purpose, and goal (to get people to care about CRO for landing pages).
  2. It's got a ton of buzz-ability because every influencer (which is a ton of them by the way) involved and presenting will obviously be promoting their own panel, shooting links back to and social media mentions back to @Unbounce.
  3. It's a great opportunity for Unbounce to build relationships with some of the biggest names in the CRO industry, and have a wealth of names to pull from for future contributions to their blog and other promotions they want to put forth.
  4. It's an easy way for Unbounce to acquire the ears of the cumulative audience of all of the people involved which numbers in the hundreds of thousands if not millions.
  5. There will undoubtably be hundreds of articles posted linking to Unbounce and (which links to Unbounce) noting information shared, takeaways, and lessons learned from the talks involved.

Okay, so obviously I mentioned a lot of this above, but –

What makes this so special?

1. Creativity

There's a ton of large voices in the CRO industry, and there's a lot of specific parts of CRO that are really interesting to certain people, so creating an entire day focused on CRO discussion, featuring panels by different influencers focused on their strengths in CRO is very creative contextual way to create value for people in the industry as well as business owners who just want to make their sites perform better with some free ideas.

2. Execution

Unbounce took a great deal of effort making this a very unique pursuit, having a life of its own on instead of simply setting up a landing page on – making it a neutral platform that could have added benefit over time. The design is unique, the concept takes a sky-scraper "definitive day" approach featuring 28 events that will surely make a ton of noise in the industry.

Their landing page (not ironically, as that's what they do) says it all as far as the execution goes – they were able to hit a home-run and it hasn't even happened yet. Lining up 28 events, with 40 companies, and 54 speakers on a single day in 10 different time-zones? It's incredible. The vast-ness of this event will guarantee huge waves on the day of, which was helped majorly by the organizers who worked tirelessly to put this together (ours specifically being Tia).

Unbounce sent out beautiful graphics that presenters could share with their audience, pushing beautiful social media call to actions to their landing pages specific to their events on their own sites, here are some of them:


This is so important because by sharing these images Unbounce enabled their presenters to unleash their biggest secret weapon, their audiences – using visual drivers (which are far more effective on social media than simple text).

There will probably be many case studies on how to structure a large event compilation like this, taking Unbounce as their example. This is just the first.

3. Exposure

Each participant is pushing their own panel, while also pushing the overall #CRODay banner forward – with a ton of mentions pointing at Unbounce, which is retweeting and re-engaging to add fuel to the fire of every panel.

Pretty much every person involved has ~2000 – 100,000 followers on networks like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook. By enabling all of us with the social media images above we are able to take full advantage of those networks. The only way they could do any better is to actually offer paid promotion through the presenter's profiles – which would actually be a really good touch considering organic reach of most of these platforms is now small or very time-sensitive.

In closing

This is a really exciting example of a company taking a new, fresh approach to live community events, adding value through a culmination of experts giving free advice via their respective topical panels. This is the kind of value-add content that is extremely focused on social interaction that we love to see – driving the end goal of creating more of a wide-spread understanding of the importance of CRO when it comes to website improvements and marketing initiatives.

We hope to see you at ours, it's definitely going to be fun. Paul and Joel are fantastic, and I'm excited to be talking to them tomorrow!


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Sean Smith
Sean Smith

Sean is Chief Operating Officer at SimpleTiger, responsible for operations, process creation, team utilization and growth, as well as sometimes direct client consultation.

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