Crucial Techniques That a Good SEO Link Building Service Would Use


If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

This philosophical thought can be carried over to the online world as well, raising the question of whether there’s any point to a website that doesn’t have any traffic.

Because, let’s face it, getting eyeballs on a webpage is the key driving force for most marketers. And, if you’ve been a part of the internet for any length of time, you’ll know that there have been hundreds of tactics that have enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame as the “number one way to get traffic to your site.” 

But then Google cracks its whip and everything changes again. 

There’s only one technique that’s remained consistent in all of this, and that’s link building. 

It’s no secret that Google determines a site’s worth by how many quality links are pointing at it, which is why it’s important for businesses to get it right – it could mean the difference between ranking on page five and getting zero eyeballs on-site or ranking on the first page of search engines (where 75% of people hang out).

Why Link Building is Important

Think of quality, relevant links as votes. The more “votes” a site has, the more popular it is deemed by Google and the higher it will rank. However, in the online world of link building, not all links are made equal.

In fact, having bad links to your site can have a detrimental effect, which is why it’s important to find a good SEO link building service that knows what they’re doing. 

Before you even think about going out there raking in the links, you need to make sure those links are:

1. Relevant

We can’t hammer home how important the relevancy of a link is. If your business is in the Fintech software realm and you have links coming in from scuba diving sites, Google’s going to be suspicious - and rightly so. 

For starters, make sure your links are coming from sites in the same or a related industry as yours, and secondly, make sure the link is relevant to the content that’s on the page it’s linking to. 

2. Diverse

Google has some good pointers for link building, but finding the right system is a different process for every business. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to getting quality links, and narrowing down the techniques you use to just one or two might mean you miss out on some of Google’s love. 

Now you’ve got the basics down, let’s dig into the services that all good SEO link building services use to gather high-quality links. 

The Techniques Good SEO Link Building Services Use

1. Build a Good Internal Linking Profile

While a lot of businesses focus on getting outside links coming in, it’s also worth setting up a network of interlinking pages on your own site, too. This not only helps your readers navigate around easily (which is crucial for retaining customers), but it also allows Google to pinpoint how your content is connected.

There are two ways you can stay on top of this:

  • When you publish a new piece of content, include relevant links to more of your own content so Google knows that it’s all on a similar topic
  • Set up a regular schedule to go through older content to add links to newer content

2. Pair Up Link Building

Getting links from other, high-authority sites is key to ranking well on Google, and many people recommend guest blogging as a way to do this.

To do this properly, though, you need to veto boring 500-word posts on small fry sites and go straight for the big guns. 

But his can be difficult when the big guns tend to charge for commercial links. 

So, instead of simply trying to get links in guest posts to services and product pages, we recommend creating juicy pieces of pillar content on your site that link to your service pages - a tactic we call pair up link building

You can then use these pillar content pieces as assets to link to on editorial sites and popular blogs in your industry. This means you can create unique content for high-authority sites depending on what topics they cover and link back to your pillar pieces of content which, in turn, link to your services page. 

A large number of sites are increasingly accepting high-quality guest posts as the benefits run both ways; the site gets a great post to share with their audience, and you get a solid link back to your site. 

3. Expert Roundups

Getting the attention of high-authority sites isn’t easy - in fact, it’s probably one of the biggest struggles link builders face. 

But there is a way around this: expert roundups.

These types of posts bring together advice from influencers in a certain industry and link out to their sites in return for a link bank. 

Expert roundups work for two reasons:

  • They are a great way to put together original, quality content 
  • The experts mentioned are more likely to share the post on the social channels or website, which only means good things for you 

People like to share things they’ve contributed to (call it a selfish trait of the human race) and the more high-profile experts you include, the bigger the range of high-quality links you can get in return. 

4. Make Your Content So Good People Can’t Help But Share It

Content creation is at the crux of every great link building strategy. Without high-quality content that actually gives something back to the reader, you’ll really struggle to get relevant links coming into your site.

This is why any good SEO link building services will focus first and foremost on creating a portfolio of amazing content pieces. With a backlog of awesome blog posts, videos, and other types of content, people will naturally want to reference it and link to it. 

5. Build Relationships

Everyone wants a piece of the action today, and many high-authority sites are inundated with messages from businesses who want a quick and dirty link back. 

A really good SEO link building service will already have a network of writers and editorial personnel to tap into who can pitch and write posts for clients in different industries. Having a team that understands what your business is all about and the best places to promote said business is crucial in the SEO link building game. 

Get Yourself Ranking on Google With Link Building

Google itself has fully admitted that high-quality links into a site are one of the leading factors in determining how well it ranks. 

And, if there’s something we’ve learned, it’s that we should all listen to Google. 

But link building is only valuable if you do it right, otherwise it can have a detrimental (and sometimes devastating) effect on your business. So, when it comes to choosing a good SEO link building service, look out for a team that understands your business needs and has a solid strategy for getting quality links rather than a high number of spammy links.