How Much To Make An App by Crew – Content Spotlight #006

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Alright, this is the second piece of content from Crew that we are featuring in our Daily Content Spotlight, but it's not because we are just Crew fanboys, it's because they put out fantastic pieces of creative content marketing material that hits all the points that we like to touch on perfectly. is a simple site that fills the need that so many people have, not knowing how much they should allot in budget to pay for their new app. Usually it's as simple as not knowing the prices per complexities within the app build process, sometimes they just literally have no clue. It's an important question to answer, and it's an answer that can funnel straight into a quality lead for Crew's designers and developers.


What makes this so special?

1. Creativity

The concept is simple, and it's once again taken from an individual crying need that Crew can see from their users. It's also one of the largest pain points and barrier to entries that lay between Crew and Crew's paying customers.

The best inventions are born of necessity, and Crew has a keen eye for spotting opportunities based in necessity for their community. Simply speaking, solved the problem of bringing in designers to their platform, HMTMAA is solving the problem of bringing in customers.

2. Execution

What better way to solve the problem at hand than building a live web-app to do it? It's simple, targeted, links back to Crew, and effectively walks the prospective customer through the app planning pain-points.

The beauty of the execution is in its simplicity. Crew laid out the biggest questions, automatically coupled with the approximate hours associated with the answers to those questions:

  1. Do you want an iOS app, Android app or both?
  2. Do you need people to login via social, email, or not at all?
  3. Do you need personal profiles?
  4. In app purchases?

The list goes on, but it's set up in a way that each step of the way you can see what kind of cost is tacked on.

Crew even fits the level of UX/UI input you want your app to have:


Then the best part, the cherry on top, the call to action once you know the cost:


This call to action has driven so many products to Crew that it would make a design agency's head spin. Thousands of new projects are being funneled into crew each month, more than enough to satisfy their designers and developer's needs, not to mention the referrals coming in to Crew's referral program.

3. Exposure

There's obviously no question that this app has not only lead to thousands of projects for Crew, but also helps Crew rank for app-related keywords. has over 1600 links from over 260 linking root domains, including Lifehacker and SmashingMagazine as well as over 7,000 social shares to its root domain page. These are figures a new startup would be lucky to get, and this is a simple content marketing play from an already established startup.


Wrapping up

Yes, we've featured Crew before, yes we will feature them again. Crew has some of the most inspirational content marketing plays I've seen in a long time. Everyone should take inspiration from Crew's ability to see opportunities within their community's market and capitalize on them with expert execution and style, solving huge problems for their business by adding unique value to their community and customers.

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