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How to Manage Your SaaS Content Production

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How to Manage Your SaaS Content ProductionContent Marketing
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When producing a SaaS product, the idea is that over time you'll be able to create it in a more cost-effective manner. However, this isn’t necessarily true when you are looking to develop your SaaS content production management capabilities. Content takes time and effort to create properly, and the cost might not decrease the more you post on your blog and create videos. On the other hand, content marketing is unlikely to go away anytime soon, and the demand for high-quality blog posts, whitepapers, ebooks, courses, and video is only increasing.

SaaS content management can help to ensure that a standard of quality is met for all of your assets, as well as to help you determine how you plan on scaling content for your business in the long term. Here are some ways you can simplify your content production and set up a system that will serve as a solid foundation for when you need to produce more.

Determine the Quality

The quality of the content you put out there will define what you want to say about your business, the types of customers you attract, and how long it will take to produce different assets. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to deciding on quality. Some businesses might choose to create large, comprehensive guides that can be repurposed in a number of ways while others might prefer shorter, pithier blogs or social media posts.

What you choose will come down to knowing your company’s voice and what your clients are looking for when they search for information about your product or industry. Knowing your target audience is the first step toward determining how much time, money, and effort you need to spend in order to reach the goals you laid out in your content strategy.

Create an Internal Process

Once you have decided the type of content you want to create and what your goals are for reaching clients, then you will need to have a process available that can help you create multiple content assets at once. The first step toward this is developing quality assurance so that employees and writers can reference your guidelines during the process of creating blog posts or other forms of content.

You might need someone to fill the role of a Content Production Manager in order to assign work, make sure that edits are carried out, and to hold writers to the standards that you have put in place. This individual will be the one in charge of making sure that deadlines are met and will usually be the final word on whether a piece of content is of high enough quality to be published. Ideally, he or she should be there when you develop your processes so it’s clear what your overall objectives are when it comes to engaging clients with your content.

Hire Quality Content Creators

SaaS content management will require that you also have some freelancers onboard to be able to take on assignments. Whether this means writing blog posts, whitepapers, ebooks, or scripts for videos, you will need a contracted team in order to take on the bulk of content you need to fulfill your SaaS content strategy goals.

When hiring freelancers to take on writing content, finding those with experience writing about your industry can be a major help. While it is not necessarily required, it might mean that you do not have to edit writers’ work to the same extent as one who knows nothing about your product or SaaS. One way you can determine whether or not a writer will accomplish the job is by giving them a short test so you can see whether or not his or her writing style matches your business’s voice.

Create a Tracking System and Create an Assessment

Depending on how much content you wish to create, a tracking system can be invaluable when it comes to knowing which pieces are in progress, which need to be revised, and which have been published. Whether you choose to use a system like Trello or ClearVoice, knowing which assets are in which stage of production can help you to determine whether you need to make any changes to your processes or if things are running according to plan. You also want to make sure that there is a way to communicate with writers if you have any additional edits or recommendations for assignments.

Your tracking system provides a road map for how to begin scaling your content production, and how much time and money it would cost. If your workflow is going smoothly you can consider plans on how to create more content, how to hire more freelancers, and how to assign more work in an actionable way. You might also want to think about additional ways you can make your processes more efficient.

If you plan on having additional resources included in your SaaS content strategy such as infographics or videos embedded in your blog posts, this should also be accounted for when you set your date for publication. This might mean having a more involved process or creating a series of tasks that need to be completed within your SaaS content production software.

Assessing your workflow can also mean adjusting timelines, due dates, and looking through your analytics to see whether or not a particular piece of content received the results you wanted. This is where you will make changes depending on your strategy and the goals you hope to achieve with your content.

In Summary

SaaS content management isn't the easiest part of your content marketing strategy, but it is a vital part of establishing yourself as an authority that your potential customers can trust. Without taking the time to develop a content production process, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage for reaching your desired results and gaining interest in your software. By having systems in place, you’re more likely to see the conversions you want. Learn more about how the SimpleTiger team can help you streamline your content production.


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Sean Smith
Sean Smith

Sean is Chief Operating Officer at SimpleTiger, responsible for operations, process creation, team utilization and growth, as well as sometimes direct client consultation.

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