Square's Business Type Landing Pages – Content Spotlight #002

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The content spotlight of the day is going to focus on an example of fantastic "drill-down" content that I've shown clients time and time again when referring to breaking up persona segments on-site. It's an incredible way to entice customers and get closer to your target market, and Square does it perfectly.


Perfect example of in-depth content for certain personas from a very large business. Right from Square's homepage.

Defining personas of people who use your business is immensely important. The only thing more important than defining those personas is that once you have them, you use them to bring in more of those types of customers.

Square did a fantastic job (as a massive business, mind you) to nail down smaller segments of their customer-base, and find a way to tap the emotional response of others that might be in that business looking for a similar solution. This is key.

What makes this stand out?

1. Creativity

Being able to be so nimble as such a massive, multi-billion-dollar business as to nail down these smaller segments of customers, and then realize that they need to put out content to further relate and emotionally connect to those customers is just incredible.

2. Execution

The content that they created not only is very defined to the space of the customer, they made it beautifully connect visually. They made it intrinsically connect by showing a visual representation of their workspace. Remember, people recall 20% of what they read, but they recall images 70% of the time. Being able to use such rich visuals to execute the message and wrap in testimonials is a fantastic point of execution on this concept.


I mean, these pages are so beautiful I just want to keep on adding screenshots; look, here's another that perfectly represents the value to servers and business owners alike:


Simply fantastic.

3. Exposure

By rocking at the implementation of these pages, and representing the larger-focused ones on the home-page, Square has been able to capture the holy grail of getting these highly-focused landing pages ranking on the first page of search engines for terms like "coffee shop point of sale system" which has 8,200,000 other results to compete with.

Obviously I'm an SEO-focused guy, so this is the perfect marriage of creative solutions, beautiful design, and actionable marketing assets.


For all of these reasons Square snagged up our second daily content spotlight. Have ideas for other content pieces we should feature? I'd love to see them in the comments with your input as to why they should be there!

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