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Case Study

We used keyword research and content production (ebooks and an on-going blog strategy) to increase conversions to Bidsketch's email list by 120% from organic traffic in 6 months.
  1. Project Overview
  2. Detailed Strategy
  3. How it Generated Results
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In a 6 month period compared year-over-year we achieved a:
Improvement in Organic Search Traffic from Google, from 171,100 searchers in 2013 to 256,000 searchers in 2014.
Increase in total Conversions from Organic Search Traffic to the email list meaning the searchers we gained were more targeted and more likely to convert.
Customer Testimonial
Ruben Gamez
Sean quickly analyzed our site, market, and competition, then came back with a great list of ways to significantly increase our traffic. He’s easily one of the fastest and smartest marketers I’ve worked with.
— Ruben Gamez, Founder of Bidsketch