3 Small Changes to Optimize Your SaaS Marketing Strategy

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SaaS marketing strategies include a vast array of tactics that can seem overwhelming. You may find yourself wondering which ones to use and how you can possibly implement them all. Fortunately, you can generate significant improvements to your marketing results by focusing on a few highly leveraged strategies. Here are three simple changes you can easily implement to make your SaaS marketing strategies more efficient, more cost-effective and more consistently profitable.

Change #1: Map Customized Journeys for Different Customer Personas

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You can chart a shortcut to better marketing results by mapping your customer journey for the different target markets you serve. A customer journey map lays out the steps in your customer’s experience of your SaaS product and brand. Mapping this sequence lets optimize each step in order to boost satisfaction and renewal rates.

The details of your customer journey will vary by product and other variables, but the general journey typically includes these phases:

  • Marketing and sales, consisting of the steps involved in converting leads into buyers
  • Onboarding, where you welcome your customer and guide them through their initial use of your product
  • Adoption, where you support your customer as they become regular users of your product and learn how to use advanced features
  • Escalation, where you assist customers having support issues
  • Renewal, where you extend an invitation for your customer to renew their subscription or license or purchase an upgrade or upsell

You can take steps to optimize your customer’s experience at each stage in their journey. One powerful technique for optimize your customer journey map is by developing different versions of your map geared towards the different target markets you serve. For instance, if you sell multiple SaaS products, buyers of one product may have a journey different than buyers of another product. Similarly, buyers who start with a freemimum version of your product may have a different journey than those who purchase a full-featured premium version.

To develop a map for each of your main target markets, begin by developing a persona for each individual market. A customer persona is a profile of an ideal customer which includes information such as:

  • What their demographic background is
  • How they discovered your brand
  • What media channels they prefer
  • What their needs are
  • How they could benefit from your product

You can include other elements in your buyer persona. However, avoid the temptation to go overboard, or you will lose sight of the forest for the trees. By the same token, don’t try to create too many personas, or you will find deploying your customer journey map unwieldy. A good rule of thumb is to limit yourself to personas for your first four target markets.

You can use templates to simplify the process of creating buyer personas and journey maps. Once you have maps for each persona, you can employ advanced techniques such as selecting targeted keywords corresponding to different personas.

Change #2: Focus on Your Most Productive Promotional Channels

You can improve the cost-effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by focusing on your most productive platforms and campaigns. Not every platform will generate the same results, and a platform that generates traffic for one campaign may not yield the same traffic for another. Furthermore, different versions of the same content or the same ad may yield different results. Spending money on a platform or campaign that isn’t delivering results dilutes the value of your marketing dollar. To stretch your marketing budget, it’s vital to prioritize where to spend your money.

To identify your most productive marketing channels, use analytics tools to track and segment the results of your promotions. You can segment your promotions by different categories, including:

  • Platform
  • Campaign
  • A/B split testing of different versions of campaigns

By analyzing the results of your tracking, you can identify which platforms and campaigns are working and which aren’t. You can then duplicate techniques that are working while reducing or eliminating those that are underperforming.

Change #3: Create Content Consistently

Repeating successful marketing results requires consistent content output. If you only produce content sporadically, your results will be inconsistent. For repeatable results, you need an effective content production management strategy that promotes publication on a consistent schedule.

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To develop a consistent publishing schedule, create standard operating procedures that cover items such as:

  • What types of content media you need to publish
  • What topics and keywords you need to cover
  • Your production workflow, including writing, editing, graphic design and videography
  • Your project management procedures
  • Your publication procedures
  • Your production and publication schedule
  • How you will follow up with actions such as notifying your followers of new content
  • How will you track results using key performance indicators and monitoring

If you standardize these types of procedures, they will help you produce content on a consistent schedule.

Improve Your SaaS Marketing Strategies to Promote Higher Profitability

Small improvements can yield a big boost to your marketing results including an increased amount of leads and conversions. Mapping customer persona journeys, focusing on high-yield promotional channels, and creating content consistently are three simple steps you can take to make your marketing more profitable. SimpleTiger can assist you with putting these steps into practice by helping you develop a SEO focused content marketing strategy that targets your ideal customer profile. If you’re ready to start scaling up your revenue, fill out our online form to schedule a discovery call and discuss how we can help you optimize your SaaS marketing strategies.

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