Chapter 5

Link Building & PR for SaaS Companies

The final frontier for most marketers engaged in an SEO effort is link building. You can also download the SaaS SEO Guide in PDF form here.
Link Building for SaaS

The final frontier for most marketers engaged in an SEO effort is link building. It tends to be the most misunderstood and difficult part of SEO to do effectively. SaaS SEO is no different in regards to how difficult it can be and how effective it is for SEO. However, there are unique strategies SaaS companies can employ to effectively build links.

Why Link Building for SaaS Companies?

Although links have taken a step down as the single-greatest ranking factor in Google over the past 20+ years, it still remains second after user engagement.

This means good content on a well-built website platform isn’t all you need to consistently rank well for various keywords. Can you rank with only content on a good platform? Yes. Is it easy to do for all keywords and consistently? No. In fact, if your content were stacked against a competitor’s content of equal length and user engagement, the question of who ranks better would come down to links.

What Do You Need to Do Link Building Effectively?

Think about the nature of a link, the real value from the linking source is the location the link is pointing toward. When it comes to getting links for your SaaS company website, your biggest concern should be building relevant content that provides value in a way that someone would conceivably link to your page to provide a resource for an article they’re writing.

In most cases, we employ PR tactics by working with writers who are producing content at other sites and that are telling stories needing support from outside. We don’t use a shotgun approach for our content pitches. We pick our publishers carefully and approach directly with a very short and simple ask for them to provide our content as a resource. Often, the more effort put into the content production (providing value), the more publishers are willing to use it as a resource.

SaaS Specific Link Building Strategies

There are other link building strategies that SaaS companies can employ in order to achieve links outside of the typical PR approach. Some of them include:

  • Integration Partnerships - If your SaaS product integrates with other tools, you may want to connect with the folks at the companies your tool integrates with and see how you can get added to their directory for integrations. This may look like the old “reciprocal link building” methodology from the early 2000s, but it’s highly relevant and provides value to users of both products.
  • Strategic Partnerships - Maybe your platform doesn’t integrate with other tools directly, but if used in conjunction with other tools then perhaps users could experience a better outcome. Write a blog post about this tip on your site and then reach out to the other companies you mentioned to see if they’d be willing to link to the piece you wrote about them and share it on their social media pages.
  • Exclusive Data - In a lot of cases we find that SaaS products collect a lot of really cool data that can be structured and leveraged to provide value for others. Some of this data could be organized into interesting topics that help you tell a story on your site.

How Does Linking to My Blog Help My Site Rank?

The blog serves as the most authoritative, informational and independently valuable portion of your site that is worthy of a link. Sales content tends to not carry as much value outside of convincing users to buy your product. Getting links to your blog is easier and this is why we stress integrating your blog deeply with your main site. The more interlinked your blog is with your site’s sell pages (pricing, features, demo signup, etc.), the better these pages will rank when links are built to the blog articles.

In a competitive niche where a lot of sites are producing good content on your particular topic, you’re going to have to put extra effort into building links on top of your good content in order to get the content to rank. With a good PR and link building strategy, you’re bound to see your efforts pay off in the search rankings.

Simply effective marketing.