Digital marketing had never been more thrilling to me than the day I was introduced to the team at SimpleTiger. Sean, Thomas, Darac, et al have been extremely professional, attentive, and helpful in educating us on the black box that is SEO. Not only do they take the time to walk you through the aspects of SEO for your website that can be improved, but also they make sure you understand the reasons behind their suggestions. SimpleTiger also fits their services around your specific SEO needs, as they are happy to update their reporting to reflect the goals you care about. Lastly, after working with them, I am confident in my own SEO knowledge and can help my team out for quick decisions and questions.
— Andy Jiang, Success Engineer at Segment


Segment is a customer data infrastructure that allows you to collect and route customer data to hundreds of different marketing, analytics, sales, and data warehousing tools.


Though Segment had great year over year organic growth, it wasn't what they thought it should be and wanted us to look for opportunities for improvement.


We were able to perform a deep dive through Segment's on-site content, blog content, and keyword targeting to ensure they were focusing on the right parts of their site.

We were contracted to perform our full Phase-1 which includes:

  • Keyword Research to ensure we're targeting the right keywords on each page, and to build out a content calendar for blog content production.
  • Technical Audit to ensure the site is set up properly from a technical perspective, to provide recommendations on improvements that could be made to the site's technical structure, and to give specific implementation steps for those recommendations.
  • Content Audit to analyze the site's content, find anything that stood out as a potential large opportunity, find major themes that we should be focusing on with blog content production moving forward, and to understand how the site's content was performing in comparison to the industry as a whole - and how we might optimize that content to better compete with competitors in the organic space.
  • Off-site Audit to analyze how the site was performing from an off-site perspective, by researching Segment's back-link profile, giving recommendations on link production and helping with link clean-up.

After Phase-1 was complete we had plenty of recommendations and worked for the following month on implementing those recommendations. We then moved into our Phase-2 whereby we started outreach to produce high authority links to our integration pages, we started tracking the results of our content, keyword targeting, and technical improvements from Phase-1 and continued on-going strategy to answer questions and proactively push our findings from Phase-1 forward on a consistent basis.


  • +1320 cumulative ranking positions across 228 tracked keywords in the first 2 months of the project
  • 14% net increase in site-wide organic traffic in the first 2 months after implementation of our Phase-1 recommendations
  • 127% average organic traffic increase to integration pages we built links to in the first 2 months
  • 3.4 average ranking position increase to integration pages we built links to in the first 2 months

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