You've heard over and over again about the benefits of content marketing and how it can help your business grow and reach new customers. On the other hand, knowing exactly why it's important to have a blog, video channel, or social media platform is a bit more challenging. This can be especially true when you already feel overwhelmed with everything you have to accomplish in your business and content marketing seems time-consuming.

On the other hand, there are a number of reasons why you should consider content as an essential part of your marketing strategy. Here’s why you want to make sure you have it in place for your SaaS company.

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1. Content Marketing Can Make You Become a Thought Leader

Content marketing is one of the best ways to share valuable information with customers during their buyer’s journey. It’s also where you can express your opinions on your industry, offer advice to colleagues, and express your thoughts on current trends. Customers choose to buy from those they believe offer value and expertise, which is why it can be important to establish your voice when it comes to your industry.

You’ll want to do this by creating high-quality, informative content that addresses your customers’ concerns about the industry and your product. Share this on social media and create content that aligns with your PR strategy so when you are featured through other mediums, you can use this as a reference for backlinking or to encourage interested, potential customers to find out more.

2. Content Marketing Increases Organic Traffic

One of the better-known benefits of content marketing is that the more articles and blog posts you post on your website, the more likely you are to gain relevant traffic. By using SEO best practices, you can encourage those looking to gain information on your industry and the software you provide. Not only does this increase the number of visitors to your website and give you a good idea of what potential customers might be looking for, but it can also help to shape your strategy in the future. As a plus, Google is more likely to rank your keywords when you are updating your site on a regular basis.

This is why it can also be important to consider marketing your business on social media, as well. Ideally, you want to have a content marketing strategy that overlaps with your blog posts, what you share on social media, and through video. This can lead to your viewers looking for more information and heading to your site in order to gain it. These potential customers are highly-targeted, and you don’t have to use ad money in order to convince them that they need your product.

3. Content Marketing Generates High-Quality Leads and Conversions

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Because you are marketing to a specific group of customers and offering them the resources they need in order to make an informed purchase, you’ll likely to see improved conversions with the right content marketing strategy. This can be one of the major benefits of having a resource library of articles, whitepapers, and ebooks on your website since it allows customers to see how you could work together and how your software can help them.

When customers embark on their buyer’s journey, most will look into a number of options (including the offers by your competition) before making a decision on what to buy. By providing the necessary resources they need in order to make an informed decision, you are encouraging them to consider your software over the other available products on the market. This is likely to increase your conversion rate since customers only have to visit your website in order to gain the information they need.

4. Content Marketing Builds Loyalty

Attracting customers isn’t the only benefit of content marketing. It also creates lasting relationships that can continue for many years and can encourage customers to revisit your company. These customers know you provide value with no strings attached, which makes them more likely to look to you as a place where they can constantly learn something new. You provided them value when they were making their purchasing decisions, thus making them more likely to recommend your software to others and to consider your company for any future buying decisions.

5. Content Marketing Decreases Ad Spending

While ads can be a helpful way to target new customers, you can’t guarantee that they will bring in the customers you want. With 30% of internet users now employing an ad blocker, you might not be gaining as many leads as you would like by solely relying on ads. Not only that, but they can be quite expensive over the long term. Running Facebook and Google ads can help you to reach a number of customers that might not have had access to your content, but there is no guarantee that these potential buyers will stay on your site and commit to a purchase without some sort of information.

Content marketing can be used in conjunction with ads in order to increase the likelihood of your prospects buying. It can also be separate from your advertising strategy if you would like to save money and work to build your audience through articles and social media. Paid ads are more like short-term marketing bandaid whereas content marketing is a long term solution to driving new leads.

In Summary

With so many benefits of content marketing, most SaaS companies will want to consider how they can incorporate it into their business model and how they plan to use it to reach clients. Not only is it an affordable way to get the word out about your product, but it also establishes your company as the one to buy from in a crowded industry and offers them the information they need to make an educated purchase. If you'd like help building a content marketing strategy and producing content, please contact us to schedule a discovery call.

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