8 of the Best Content Marketing Tools

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Content marketing tools can make your SEO campaigns more manageable, more productive and more profitable. Here are eight of the top tools you can use to increase your efficiency and multiply your traffic:

  1. HubSpot
  2. Google Trends
  3. Google Keyword Planner
  4. Ahrefs
  5. SEMrush
  6. Moz
  7. BuzzSumo
  8. ClearVoice

Here’s how each of these content marketing tools can support your SEO campaigns.

1. HubSpot: Centralize Your Marketing Campaigns

If you’re looking for a centralized platform to manage your marketing campaign, HubSpot provides a wide array of tools. You can use HubSpot’s marketing suite to:

  • Create web pages with user-friendly drag-and-drop landing pages
  • Add blog posts
  • Organize email marketing campaigns
  • Manage social media campaigns
  • Track campaign performance with analytics
  • Improve performance with split testing

In addition to these marketing tools, HubSpot also offers customer relationship management, sales and customer service tools that integrate with its platform.

2. Google Trends: Spotting Hot Keyword Trends

Keyword research forms a cornerstone for effective content marketing, and one of the simplest keyword search tools you can use is Google Trends. This tool allows you to see what the top current keyword trends are, globally or regionally or by year. You can also narrow your search to specific keywords or topics. You can also identify related queries.

You can use Google Trends to study current, seasonal or geographical patterns in keyword popularity and plan your content schedule accordingly. You can also see what’s trending in video.

Unlike many other keyword tools, Google Trends displays popularity in graphs that depict relative trends rather than absolute numbers. This makes it simpler to use than other tools, although more specialized and less versatile.

3. Google Keyword Planner

A more powerful keyword tool is Google Keyword Planner. Designed to support Google’s advertising platform, Keyword Planner lets you see critical SEO metrics. You can get approximate numbers for search volume and advertiser bids, as well as information about how competitive search terms are. You can also get predictions for future trends and suggestions for related search terms. It will help you find the best keywords for your company.

You can use Keyword Planner to strategize for both organic search marketing and search engine advertising. It provides more specific information than Google Trends, though not as detailed as premium search tools that utilize its data.

4. Ahrefs: User-friendly SEO Analytics

Ahrefs expands the functionality of basic keyword tools by providing a more comprehensive SEO suite geared towards users who are not analytics experts. Ahrefs includes tools to:

  • Audit website SEO performance
  • Analyze competitors
  • Identify keywords searched for by your customers
  • Analyze your industry’s top-performing content
  • Track your ranking progress

These tools make Ahrefs useful for SEO tasks such as link building that go beyond basic keyword analysis.

5. SEMrush: Advanced SEO Analytics Integrated with a Digital Marketing Suite

SEMrush offers some of the same functionality as Ahrefs, but represents a step up on several fronts. SEMrush positions itself as an all-in-one toolkit for digital marketing professionals, in contrast to Ahrefs which aims to be user-friendly for users who are not experts in analytics. SEMrush’s suite of tools lets you:

  • Audit any site for SEO performance
  • Monitor your daily rankings
  • Analyze competitors’ SEO strategies
  • Dissect any domain’s backlink profile
  • Generate millions of keyword ideas
  • Generate ideas for increasing organic traffic
  • Decipher “not provided” keyword data censored by Google

These features allow SEMrush to do a few things Ahrefs can’t do with respect to monitoring brands, tracking posts and auditing content. SEMrush also includes features for analyzing PPC strategy and scheduling and tracking social media posts.


6. Moz: Advanced All-in-one SEO Toolkit

A competitor of Ahrefs and SEMrush, Moz offers an all-in-one SEO toolkit for advanced analytics users. Its core features support:

  • Site SEO audits
  • Rank tracking across over 170 search engines
  • Backlink analysis
  • Keyword research with difficulty scores, competitor analysis and SERP analysis

In addition to its SEO features, Moz is renowned for its online tutorials, which offer some of the best SEO training available.

7. BuzzSumo: Social Media Analytics

Whereas the other tools mentioned above focus on SEO keyword analysis, BuzzSumo specializes in social media analytics, while not excluding keyword research. It includes four main components for:

  • Discovering high-performance content to increase likes, links and shares
  • Researching data that impact marketing strategy
  • Identifying influencers
  • Monitoring comments

BuzzSumo actively supports API development for integrating with other popular tools such as HubSpot.

8. ClearVoice: Content Marketing and Creation

ClearVoice is unique in that it combines a content marketing platform with access to vetted, fully managed teams of freelancers with experience creating content for over 200 business categories. Geared towards serving the needs of both brands and marketing agencies, ClearVoice provides businesses with:

  • Managed content creation
  • All types of content from blogs to videos for any scale up to enterprise level
  • A collaboration platform serving the workflow needs of digital marketing agencies
  • Content strategy services

ClearVoice supports digital marketing across a range of channels, including content marketing, SEO, paid search and social media.

Leverage Content Marketing Tools to Boost Your SEO Results

Using marketing platforms, analytics apps and content creation platforms can make it easier for you to manage your promotional campaigns more efficiently while generating superior results. To use content marketing tools effectively, you also need the right strategy. SimpleTiger specializes in helping B2B SaaS providers scale up their traffic with proven SEO strategies. Schedule a discovery call with us to find out how we can help you achieve your SEO goals.

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